Karma Kauses

About Our Karma Kauses

When the idea for Delicious Karma first sprouted, we knew we had to incorporate a way to give back to the artisan food community. It is something about which we are very passionate and wanted to support. This led us to build a strong social mission into our overall company mission.

Part of our mission is achieved via our online market, which helps promote many passionate, talented, small-scale food producers and connects them to our customers. We also strive to educate our customers about the health and community benefits of foods and production methods that are more natural, local, humane, sustainable, and ecological. But we wanted to do more. This meant developing partnerships with outside organizations that were better positioned to support real food initiatives.

This idea manifested into a commitment to donate 1% of our profit, 1% of our time, and 1% of our equity to our partner organizations; our Karma Kauses, as we like to call them. These organizations do phenomenal work promoting and supporting the artisan food community. 1% of our site's profit and equity will be given to these organizations along with 1% of the Delicious Karma staff's time and skills. Our partners are inspiring leaders in the food movement, promoting sustained growth in the culinary landscape and building stronger food communities; we are extremely proud to be supporting what they do. Please learn more about our partners and contact us if you’d like to find out more about getting involved.

-COMING SOON- You will have the ability to donate Karma Kredits to the Karma Kause of your choice and Delicious Karma will make a cash donation on your behalf!


Learn About Our Karma Kauses

La Cocina is a San Francisco non-profit, incubator kitchen that provides technical assistance and food industry specific resources for low-income women and immigrant food entrepreneurs. All products sold on Delicious Karma that have come out of the La Cocina program are marked with the “Born at La Cocina” logo.

Seedling Projects is the non-profit organization that masterminded The Good Food Awards, an annual event recognizing and celebrating truly outstanding artisan food products. All products sold on Delicious Karma that have been awarded a Good Food Award are marked with the “Good Food Award” logo.


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